Meet the Crew!

Meet the Crew!



Jesse Cowan

Managing Partner

DipHort, WSET Level 1

Jesse is Managing Partner and our fearless captain of our ship. While he may have joined the crew recently, he has had his hands in Public as partner behind the scenes since day one. He brings a wealth of knowledge, a love for beer, and a calm + steady attitude. Jesse manages our big picture strategic operations and day to day, but never hesitates to get his hands dirty unloading a pallet. Like his favourite beer, an imperial stout, he is strong, a little sweet (but not too sweet) and only gets better with time.



Public Pick: Anything other than a Pilsner


Dominique Cowan
BA, WSET Certified, Sommelier 

Dominique is Public Liquor's silent First Lieutenant to Jesse’s Ship Captain. Along with her partners, Dominique founded the shop in 2015 with a vision to provide exceptional customer service to the industry she is most passionate about. As a wine lover, you will often find Dominique curating our wine offerings, and arranging staff field trips for the team to drink wine + tour vineyards. Dominique manages Human Resources for our hospitality group, Nixon Hospitality, but is sure to pop in to the store every once in a while to chat wine, and see some familiar faces.



Public Pick: Synchromesh Riesling, anything Daydreamer or Del’s Super Cool Wine Spritzers



Training Supervisor, Social Media Manager

Cicerone Certified Beer Server

Bethany is a home brewer who has worked at Public since 2018. She loves locally-crafted goods and also harbours a deep obsession with tiki drinks. When she's not at Public, you can probably find her reading at Sprout Bakery, thrifting for vintage glassware, binging Netflix on her couch, or fermenting something. Looking for a local lunch spot, a compelling new tv show, or a signature cocktail recipe? Ask Bethany! Need help finding the perfect beer, cider, or wine to pair with a meal? Ask Bethany! She would love to help you find your new favourite thing.

Public Pick: The Hermit Bordeaux style red wine